Here is some more information about Jonah as a person.

Im jonathan sempijja a ugandan by nationality,i was born from one of the biggest slum area in kisenyi in kampala district.

Im born in the above area together with my family,however we got some problems on the 9 december 1992. very early in yhe morning when i was at home with my mum and brothers a group of people came and told my mum that they are the owner of the land where our houses were built and that we are to demolish this house we want a vaccant position of the land thats when they started to demolish the house and shlashing down our plantations,so by that time we had no any other alternative our mum had nothing to do, she had no money by that time and decided to take with our small brothers to the village leaving me and my young bro to the neighbour,I and my bro stayed to this hajjati who was our neighbour while waiting for our mum to come take us too but she was not coming some how i got afraid as this lady started mistreating us atimes we were not eating as she claimed not having moneyy,but she could make us to do much work while angry.

As for me the elder decided to go in the city to find other ways of leaving,thats where i came across other colleges who were also leaving on the streets, as i reached this group i found a different situation along the streets.Guys that i joined to all were drug addicts etc,i to fit in the society i had to start taking drugs and i decide not to go back to hajjati place where i left my bro.Street life was not so easy to get something to eat, you could either steal or eat from the gabege can which we used to call our big sauspan.The most difficult time i faced on the streets was at night as we used to sleep in trenches, opium was our blankets, atimes rain was the most problem for us as well as the police chasing us time to time and some of our friends lost their lives as they ran astry and knocked down by the moving cars.

As you know that every sector has to be with the leaders,same applies to the streets we had our leader whom you could report every thing,so one day he came and told us that their is a lady whom i came to know as betty from World truimpet mission preaching the gosiple and she would like to talk to us in this dippo of ours lets listen to her plse we all agreed since its our leader who has said so.She started readind her bible while we are listening i remember she read a scpt in {john 8;12]which tourched me alot thats when i started to agree with her,after she promised to come back with other preachers as she realised that we accepted her and she brought many other preachers to talk in our lives and encouraged us to stop drug abuse corz its harmful to our health.

In the year of 2000 again she came back witjh a group of white people muzungus to our dippos preached to us for three days, gathered us to certain church around the ghetto and prayed for one by one after they kept on ecouraging us to trust jesus.Later on they came back with a big bus took us to the hotel where they were sleeping and gave us a good meal which i had taken a long time to eat i tell you it was a fun day.after that they told us that jesus is about to get for us a house to stay in first i took it as a joke.In the year 2001 one lady who was with the team in 2000, came and rented a house for us in kisenyi and we could leave kisenyi every morning to a place called bukesa where ths lady was staying and attend  bible classes and after some time she took us for water baptism.

i tell you man since that day i totaly dropped the drugs and started to focus on jesus.Life started promising again, as she made us busy by introducing a carpentry scheme workshop to enable us settle down and learn how to make our own beds ,benches which we used in our house.

Ithank God for the team from help international based in germany for having played a big roll for our revival may God bless them.Actually it never ended there,they went on naturing us to love jesus and loving one another,i continued to leave with the team as we moved around the ghettos preaching the gosiple of jesus to the poor and the street children.Through all this God helped me to grow more spiritualy and it was one dayin 2003 when i was told that i will start to work with the team as a co-worker.

i tell you jesus is so great has he also opened a door for me again in the same year and put me on his Airline to germany to attend help international ten years celebrations.And we came back until their time ellapsed and they went back to germany.

several reasons have contributed to the influx of children on to the streets notable among them is the object poverty that is being exprienced among rival yolk.However other factors come into play these include but not limited to drought,displacement due to civil wars, loss of bread winners to Hiv/Aids, job cats,mistreatment at home andto some extent adventureseeking children.

The police and other security agencies often pounce on the street children in a bid to de-congestthe city of the many children living and working on the streets.This is done in a bid to clean the city a head of a visiting digintery of when an international summit is to take place.Uganda is known for its huge number of street children a baseline servey conducted by one organisation  called FOCA put the number of street children at 10,000 in kampala alone.

Once they are rounded up the children are taken to kampiringisa national rehabiltation center were they spend some time undergoing rehabiltation before getting re-intergreted back to community where they come from.The very young ones are taken to naguru remand home where they to undergo rehabilitation.Gov"t encourages NGOs with the mandate to offer services toever children to come and eventual ressettlementis carried out.

Once you have been through such a situation and had been helped by others an automatic desire to help others is iginited and since one whole heartedly believes that a change is posible -That is the driving factor behind the need to help.